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Aloha Hawai'i!

Oahu Wedding Photographer | 5 Months in Hawaii | Personal

Hi, I'm Vanessa!
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Time is flying by!!!

Of course, my husband reminded me that we have 32+ months left here in Hawaii, so I needed to stop being dramatic on the fact that we’ve reached 5 months here in Paradise! And well, he does make a *small* point 🙂

August was a bit rough for me for personal reasons, hubby being on the East Coast for a month, weeks of sickness in the house, and the start of school in our house. So, as I look back on this month, I was kinda sad we didn’t explore the island as much as I would have liked, But, remembering what my hubby said!

Now, business-wise, this month has been phenomenal! So I am happy for that!

Check out what was going on this past month!

Month 5 in Hawaii

Vanessa Hicks Photography 5 months in Hawaii

  • Girls went back to school this month! Always my favorite time of year!
  • Headed to Kauai for the 3rd time in 3 weeks for another amazing session! Have I mentioned how much I love photographing sessions in Kauai?! Totally my favorite island!
  • Did have a beach day with my girlfriend and kids! Umbrella drinks were necessary!
  • Girls took their fall pictures! I, of course, took my own photos and I know I will like mine more than the schools, but I always try to support the school!
  • Headed to the Big Island for my first wedding there and it was amazing!
  • My soul sister had her baby this month! Was so happy to be there and to meet her baby son hours later!
  • This was the month of creative shoots! Just got done with 3 back to back shoots within 58 hours! Oh, but the magic that happened was amazing! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see them happening live on IG Stories!
  • I became an exclusive member of Grey Likes Weddings, which is an invitation only society for wedding photographers! So excited about it!
  • This month was also so incredible as I saw my work published 6+ different times! And I got my first Hawaii publication!! Check out some of the publications here, here and here!
  • My daughter Jasmine is kicking so much butt in her surf lessons! I am so proud of her!

Well, that’s pretty much it for this past month! I can’t wait to see what September brings for us!

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