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Laguna Beach Engagement Photos | Melody and Joshua

I think if you are in Southern California and need to get engagement photos done, Laguna Beach is the PERFECT SPOT for engagement photos, or really any photos!

I was so excited to capture Melody and Joshua’s beautiful engagement session, and when they asked me where they should do them, I knew the perfect spot!!!

Laguna Beach Engagement Photos | Vanessa Hicks Photography

I mean, this beach has what looks like a CASTLE ON IT!!! Actually, it’s not a castle at all! It stands a lonely stone turret—affectionately called the “Pirate Tower” by locals. The tower is sixty feet tall and seems to have been birthed directly from the sandstone cliffs that surround it.

engagement session at laguna beach in red dress

Melody and Joshua love story is just perfect! You know when you have a friend and you feel ‘something’ for them, but the timing is off? Sometimes, it takes 3 years, ending of other relationships, to see that they perfect person is right in front of you!

beach engagement session in Laguna

I truly believe that once you know, you know! And now here they are, planning to spend the rest of their lives together, and really, Joshua knew she was the one the moment he met her!

This Laguna Beach was so very packed, which is another PERFECT reason why you should hire a professional photographer for your special day! So you can have an originial picture go from this:


engagement session at victoria beach in california

I truly make sure that each and every image I capture for your special day is one that you want to blow up and show your children and grandchildren one day. You can’t (or shouldn’t) have to do that with a bunch of people in the background!

Without further adieu, take a look at Melody and Joshua’s Laguna Beach Engagement Photos!

I mean, wasn’t it just MAGICAL!!! I really can’t get over just how beautiful this beach was, but even more, just how beautiful both Melody and Joshua are! You can just feel their love through the photos, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Want to book your magical engagement session? Now is the PERFECT time to book!! Fill out my contact form and let’s chat!!!

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