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aspens in the fall

Life is always full of changes! It’s currently the season of change! This announcement is one of them!!! YES, you read that right!!! We are moving and I will be a photographer in Colorado Springs!

Before we talk about this new change, let’s take a trip down memory lane on my business moves and the crazy stories that we have!

When we were stationed in Monterey, CA, we had orders to Fort Meade, Maryland. We were only in Monterey for 18 months before our upcoming move (not fun considering having to move your business that quickly! We made the announcement, and well, 48 hours changed everything for us, and before you. knew it, we had orders and were moving to Hawaii!

Then, let’s talk about that time we moved from Hawaii to California……March of 2020…..that’s all I need to say about that…. this blog post shows how happy we were …we had no idea what was coming…

So here we are, just about 9 months from making the announcement public that we were moving to Tampa, Florida! And I am not going to lie, were excited about the move to Tampa for a while! The decision had been made while Josh was on deployment, and I had even made several trips to the Tampa area for work and content creation as well this year!

Check out this gorgeous engagement session at Clearwater Beach here!

This sunrise engagement session in Key West was amazing!

Yes, this entire session gave The Notebook vibes!

Everything on the pros list was great for our family- cheaper cost of living, good schools, good weather, easier location to travel internationally, great golf for my husband, and I mean…….DISNEY!!!!!!!

So…..why the change?

Well, when you know… you know! For some time now, our upcoming move to Florida hasn’t felt…. right. I still don’t know why… all the pros on our list added up…but Josh and I just couldn’t shake the feeling.

But, we had committed to Tampa, so that’s what we were going to do.

Every time I’m in Colorado, I tell Josh how much I love it here. The weather, the seasons, the views. Luckily, for whatever reason (the Universe!!!), I am in Colorado quite often for work!

Colorado Springs Photographer | Vanessa Hicks Photography

I even dreamed of running a bed and breakfast one day!!! But I’m an island girl. The ocean calls me. Florida can offer me that.

I was in Colorado recently for Melody and Sean’s beautiful wedding weekend in Breckenridge! It was literally the perfect weekend, complete with snow fall as well!

This trip was different. The peace that was found in the mountains, with the perfect air, the snow covering the earth, promising for a moment, everything was wiped clean. Josh felt it. So did I.

So, in straight #teamhicksta fashion, we are changing things up, with amazing opportunities on the horizon!!!!

We are excited but mostly FEEL GOOD about this decision! It’s so different than what we expected or thought of, but that’s the beauty of life isn’t it? And the fact that I’ll officially experience seasons for the first time in my life?!? Well, that brings my soul so much joy! Let’s not even discuss Christmas time yet!!
The snow in Vail that day! It was truly magical!

A lot of moving pieces to get us out to COLORADO next summer, but we are ready! So, what does this mean for my business?!?!

I hope if you are new here that you realize that I love Ted Lasso!

Well, it’s business as usual seeing as I am a destination wedding photographer! That’s right! Where I lay my head down at night has never truly mattered in my business! The silver lining of having to move your wedding business so often is that you are TRULY a destination photographer!

Lake Como Italy Wedding Photos | Vanessa Hicks Photography

My amazing couples just need to know where to buy my airline ticket from, and that’s about it!!! Other than that, you may be seeing a bit more mountains and forest and SNOW in my images instead of more beaches and sand!!!!

Destination Weddings | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Here’s the great thing….as a destination wedding photographer, with a passport in hand and too much luggage sets in the garage, is always ready for the next adventure! You can head over and see where the next destination is!

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