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What To Wear for your Engagement Photos | San Diego Photographer

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement!!! I know what an exciting time this is for you, and now it’s time to plan your engagement session! Maybe you are struggling with what to wear for your engagement photos! Don’t worry, this blog post is perfect for you!

As a destination photographer, I am so honored that I have the ability to travel to so many different locations, so I want to make sure that my tips and this blog shows multiple types of locations so you can envision what to wear to your engagement photo session!

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Your Engagement Session Location Matters

So, this first tip is pretty obvious, but still needs to be stated! Depending on where you are doing your engagement photos, will also depend on what to wear! Now, does that mean if we are on a mountaintop, you can’t be dressy? Absolutely not! You would just prepare to wear workout clothes till we get to the top of the mountain, and then change! Just like if we are doing beach photos, you will want to save those sparkly heels for another time!

Plan for Two Outfits!

Now, this isn’t a necessary, but most of my couples do love to incorporate two outfits at their session for more variety! Typically, it’s one outfit that is more relaxed, and one outfit that’s more formal/dressy! The options are up to you!!!!

casual engagement outfits at balboa park
casual engagement photos outfits at balboa park
dressy engagement outfits at sunset cliffs
Casual Engagement Outfits at Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree engagement photos

Coordinate Each Other

When it comes to planning your outfit with your fiance’, you want to make sure that you are coordinating each other and staying away from too matchy! When it comes to coordinating tips, I typically suggest having one person in prints, and the other in solids.

sunset engagement session at makua beach in hawaii

Now, there are a few ways that “matchy” does work…Like Jada and Ian’s Mountaintop Engagement Session in Hawaii! I love love LOVE this black on black coordinating look, really bringing out the greens and blues of Hawaii!

Flowy Dresses!

Now, if you are here or if you are seeing my work, you know that I create a lot of movement in my photos! Cause that’s what I do! So, if it is your style, I truly recommend flowy dresses! And they create movement no matter the location- mountaintop, beach, rocks, you name it, a flowy dress is where it’s at! Some of my favorite recommendations for flowy dresses are Lulus, Anthropology, ASOS, and even Amazon!

For the Grooms – A Suit and/or a blazer does Wonders!

We focus so much on the woman’s clothing choices, but let me tell you, a well-dressed groom is KEY to the photos! So, don’t forget that this is your time to shine too! If your partner is dressed up then so are you! A well tailored suit or a great blazer and slacks does wonders!

Wedding Day Vibes

Another look that I really love is having that wedding look with white!!! It can be very romantic, and works well with backgrounds that make the white POP!

Accessories are FUN!!!!

Yes, ladies, this doesn’t mean just accessories on YOU! Do you want a jacket to play with after, do it! Want to bring your fur babies, do it? Want to bring your bike? DO IT! Think of what is important to you and make sure you use that in your session! One perfect example that I love is when military uniforms are used!

Be Yourself and Have Fun!

Maybe getting dressed up just isn’t you! Or maybe you are not looking to roll around in the sand and water. Do you just want something simple for your engagement session, or maybe you are looking for something fun and unique!? DO IT!! I will never ever make you do something you don’t want! Communication is KEY to our session, and I promise you, we will create the perfect engagement session for you!

What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

I hope this blog post helped you as you are planning what to wear for your engagement photos! Not only do you want to feel good, but you also want to look good, and of course, choose an amazing engagement photographer to make sure your photos look good!!!

Want to discuss your engagement session? Let’s chat and plan out your special day!

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