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“Unplugged” vs “Plugged” Weddings- That is the Question | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Today is another Wednesday for #weddingwednesday tips!

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding?!?

Here is an IMPORTANT question that you really need to consider!!!

“Should I have an unplugged or plugged wedding?”Unplugged vs Plugged in Wedding

Some of you are scratching your head and wondering what I am referring to!! Well, I am going to explain it to you and give MY thoughts as a photographer on which route you should take!

 An unplugged wedding is one in which electronics are “unplugged”, meaning the guests are asked/told, at least for the ceremony, to refrain from taking photos or video.

A “plugged in” wedding, is one in which photos by guests are not only allowed, but encouraged.

You may be wondering why is this an “issue” or even a subject? Why wouldn’t a bride want EVERYONE to take pictures of their special day? The more pictures the better, correct? Well, it depends.

Pros of a “Plugged In” Wedding

•   Being able to share this special day with all of your friends and loved ones is one of the best things about getting married, apart from actually marrying your spouse! You are showing your special circle of people how much you love the person and can not wait to spend the rest of your life you with them! Being able to have those memories texted to you, Instagramed, and Facebooked immediately would be a great way to share to everyone asap!

•   If some of your friends and family live far away or can’t make your wedding, this will allow them to see all the shared images lets them feel involved in your day from far.

•   You can use special hashtags for your wedding ceremony and encourage everyone to use it! I did! Mine was #hickswedding

 •   Again, you may be the person that says “the more pictures, the better!”

Cons of a “Plugged In Wedding”

•   You may look out in the crowd and see that the majority of the people are not looking at YOU getting married, they are looking at their phones looking at you getting married. They tend to not be “in the moment” but with noses pointed at their screen.

  • The bride and the groom don’t notice these details, as they are busy getting married, but from a photographers standpoint, there is only so much I can do in terms of editing. In these pull back shots, the use of technology is extremely evident!
  • Planning an elopement on the island with just a few friends? Oh yes, it can still be an issue too:

How to have an “Unplugged” Wedding?

Well, it’s really quite simple: just ask!! I have seen brides use several types of wording in their invitation, programs or signs right before you enter the venue.

**Images via Pinterest**

So, what is MY recommendation?

Well, first and foremost, this is YOUR wedding! There is no right or wrong answer here.

If I had to give a recommendation, I, as a photographer, would recommend that you have an “unplugged” ceremony. Let your guests be in the moment! At the end of the day, the ceremony portion is some of the most important shots of the day! I wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of that! Then, if you are like me, let the cellphones be out for the reception, have fun, use hashtags, and be married!

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