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San Diego Photographer | Rachel’s Floral Tub Session

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have been doing these floral tub sessions both in Hawaii and in San Diego now going on FOUR YEARS!!!! When we announced our move would be making me an official San Diego Photographer, the first question I was asked was if the floral tub would be moving to San Diego as well!

San Diego Photographer | Rachel's Floral Tub Session_0127

The last two years that the floral tub sessions have been in San Diego has been amazing! Being able to partner with Pamakane with the original Hawaii tub, and to be able to have so many incredible sessions here in San Diego has just been amazing!

San Diego Photographer | Floral Tub Sessions in San Diego

floral tub session in san diego

Rachel is an incredible photographer who came to visit the floral tub all the way from Utah!!! I knew immediately that I needed to get her in the tub! Of course, she is absolutely stunning! But, if it’s possible, she is even more stunning on the inside! I knew that she would just RADIATE in the floral tub escape, and that is just what she did!

floral tub session in san diego

For those that are looking to book the floral tub magical escape, I always tell my clients to wear a plain color bathing suit like Rachel did here! The florals are so beautiful and so are you, that if you wore a bathing suit with prints, you don’t want to distract your eye with too many places to look!

This teal bathing suit truly complimented Rachel’s skin tone and the earrings were an extra POP!!!

floral tub session in san diego

Don’t forget the power of a black bathing suit too!!!!! There are so many incredible options that you can do when it comes to the floral tub sessions, and I will work with you to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible at your shoot!

So, without further adieu, check out Rachel’s beautiful Floral Tub Session in San Diego!

You can NOT tell me that you don’t want to schedule yourself a session RIGHT NOW after looking at that magical experience!

Well, guess what!!!

The 2022 Floral Tub Sessions in San Diego is NOW BOOKING!!!!!

That’s right!!!! The booking season is here and guess what…..this will be the


With our upcoming move to Tampa in 2023, there will be a lot of changes, including selling of our home, and with the unknowns that come with that, I will not be booking floral tub sessions next summer (I will in Hawaii!) and YES, the floral tub sessions will be moving to Tampa too!!!

If you are going to be in San Diego or Hawaii and want to book your floral tub session, shoot me a message and let’s get you on the calendar! Remember, this is the final season of floral tub sessions here in California!

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