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Floral Baths Photoshoot | Kai Floral Tub Session | San Diego

I bet you didn’t realize what was missing in your life is a floral bath photoshoot!!! Well, it is, and you need one!

I am so happy to have the Floral Tub Sessions here in San Diego, even though I do miss the Hawaii tub so much! I can’t wait to get back and photograph it!

Kai’s floral bath photoshoot was absolutely STUNNING! This shoot was actually booked for her mother, but at the last moment, her mother gave the shoot to her daughter (don’t worry, she knows she still needs to get in this tub!)

I love that Kai brought props as well! Between the flower in her hair, her straw hat, and the ukulele, I truly felt like I was back in Hawaii! Kai even played a tune for me!

That’s the beauty of these floral tub sessions, you can totally make it unique to you! Between outfit changes, props, and even theme, if I can make it happen for you, I will!

Check our Kai’s Floral Baths Photoshoot below!

Doesn’t this just scream PARADISE for you? And luckily, with the San Diego floral tub, you don’t have to go to Hawaii for it (even though our tub is there and you can!) Let’s book your floral baths photoshoot now! The Full Tub Experience should be available this summer but you can also book a session NOW, without tropical flowers!

As you can see, all flowers are amazing in the tub!!!! Not just the hibiscus!!! So if you are wanting to book a session NOW before the summer, you absolutely CAN!

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