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San Diego Photographer | Floral Tub Sessions Have Arrived in San Diego!!!


Hawaii Floral Tub session by Vanessa Hicks Photography

That’s right!! I am so excited to announce that the Hibiscus Love Tub has now arrived here in San Diego!! Floral Tub Sessions are here and I just can’t wait!

2 years ago, I met Pamakane with Ocean Dreamerr and captured my very first floral tub session with her! And I immediately fell in love with them!

Floral Bath Tub Photo Shoot Hawaii Photographer Vanessa Hicks Photography

You wouldn’t think that a tub filled with flowers would bring not only me, but YOU so much joy, but you have no idea!

Floral Bath Tub Photo Shoot Hawaii Photographer Vanessa Hicks Photography

I’ve been blessed to work with Pamakane and photograph OVER 100 floral tubd with her in Hawaii and let me tell you, we made magic happen! From photographing Miss Hawaii to maternity sessions, this tub is perfect for EVERYONE!!!!!

Floral Tub Photoshoot | Hawaii Photographer | Vanessa Hicks Photography

That’s the amazing thing about partnerships. And when it came time for me to move from Hawaii to California, the thought of not being able to capture these sessions often literally broke my heart!

Floral Tub Photoshoot_ Hawaii Photographer _ Vanessa Hicks Photography

And then Pamakane decided that she wanted to expand her business (mind you, Ocean Dreamer is the ORIGINAL floral tub owner! There are others who have essentially “copied” her idea without asking, but she’s the OG). I knew that the magic that we created together could be duplicated here in San Diego, and that’s what we did!!

Floral Bath Tub Session in Hawaii


Now, being as this is the sister tub of the Hawaii location, there will definitely be similarities but it will be different as well! Check out a few pictures from the first San Diego Tub Sessions!

Relax In a Tropical Floral Bath Tub Shoot
San Diego Floral Tub Sessions | Vanessa Hicks Photography
Relax In a Tropical Floral Bath Tub Shoot
Relax In a Tropical Floral Bath Tub Shoot
pink floral tub session in San Diego

Sessions are now being booked!!! Weekday sessions available and limited weekend slots as well!

Because of COVID-19, we will only be able to do 1-2 sessions a day, to make sure there is time to clean out and sanitize the tub properly, so we are looking at one morning and one evening session a day.

PRIDE Floral Tub Session | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Flowers are based on availability.

Pricing will start at $300 for an hour session, a minimum of 25 edited images, an online gallery and a print release. If you would like to add a floral crown, that will be $375. These prices are LIMITED TIME ONLY, and will rise to $400 and $475!

Floral Bath Tub Kids Birthday Shoot Hawaii

Are you ready for some self love and relaxation?


floral tub sessions _ Vanessa Hicks Photography

Check availability here and book right away!

Want to see more images from these amazing floral tub sessions? Check them out!

Check out a few of my favorite floral tub sessions on the blog:

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