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Engagement Photos in Colorado | Melody and Sean

fall engagement in aspen

When I dreamed of taking fall engagement photos in Colorado, Melody and Sean’s session was EXACTLY what I dreamed about!

I mean….I could truly just leave this image here for the blog and be done, but oh no…..there’s so much better for you to see!

But before we jumped into that, let’s talk about the beautiful Melody and Sean and their epic love!

In their own words,

You might need to snuggle up to a cup of coffee or glass of wine for this long tale. We met over Bumble nearly 3 years ago in Denver, our home city. We both are transplants, Sean is from New Jersey and Melody is from North Dakota. On that Monday night date all these years ago (yes it was a Monday because Mel had a week full of Bumble dates & wanted had an hour to spare tops) we both had that terrifying great feeling we met our match. It wasn’t long we were both totally swept off our feet in love : ) I mean, what man takes you on a sunset hikes & packs wine for the summit??

Oh yes, this beautiful couple’s love story started in the digital age and their adventures have YET to stop!!!

But there is even another reason why this couple is special to me as well!

I had the incredible honor of photographing her equally beautiful sister Joy’s wedding a few years ago in Hawaii, and now, Melody is the bride!!! And when she chose ME to capture her special day, you best believe I was in tears!

Melody’s sister Joy’s wedding at Four Seasons Oahu in 2019

Happy to have captured some beautiful fall engagement photos for them!

It truly was the perfect Colorado day!! But don’t take my word for it!!!

Check out Melody and Sean’s engagement photos in Colorado below:

Engagement Photos in Colorado | Vanessa Hicks Photography

I mean…that final shot…..I truly hope they BLOW THAT PHOTO UP!!! You of course can see those beautiful fall aspens on the homepage of my website as well!!!

Funny thing, less than a month later after these photos of their wedding in Breckenridge, all of these trees were bare!!!!

Thank you Melody and Sean for choosing me to capture not only your beautiful engagement photos in Colorado, especially during the fall season but also having me capture your beautiful Colorado wedding as well! I will share their wedding with you all soon!

Want to book your engagement photos in Colorado? Did you know that I travel worldwide as well? Send me a message and let’s plan YOUR special day!

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