Hawaii Wedding Photographer| Favorite Wedding Images 2018 - Vanessa Hicks Photography

Hawaii Wedding Photographer| Favorite Wedding Images 2018


Well, here we are!!!

The final roundup of 2018!!

And of course, it’s what my business is surrounded by, what I truly love to do, and that’s weddings!!

When I first started photography, I knew that I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I remember Googling who was the best wedding photographers and that’s how I found Jasmine Star, Katelyn James, and Amy and Jordan.

I knew that was my lifelong goal of documenting wedding days!

This year, I had the INCREDIBLE honor of photographing 40 weddings this year!!! And ended the year with 95 weddings in my 4 and half years of business!


That’s 40 amazing couples who loved me and my work, but most importantly, trusted me to document one of the most important days of their lives.
They trusted that I would fulfill my commitment in documenting their legacy.

That I would create images of their wedding day that their children and grandchildren will one day see, making them believe in love.

40 couples I helped put their dresses on, calmed the groom down, made the bridesmaids laugh, cried during father/ daughter dances, ran with them in the rain, and became a part of their story, even for a moment.

While these couples time with me Is complete (never over cause all my couples are family), 2019 so far is bringing 18 amazing couples in front of my camera, and I can’t wait to see all of the memories that are created next year!!

Best Wedding Images of 2018 Vanessa Hicks Photography

So, take a moment and sit back and get ready for some beautiful wedding images!!!!


I just COULDN’T narrow those down!!! And I mean, WHY WOULD I!!!!

Again, to my amazing couples of 2018, THANK YOU!!!! I am so truly blessed!!

2019 couples!!! It’s YOUR YEAR!!!!!!!! And I am so excited to be on this journey with you!!

Did you get a gorgeous diamond during holiday season and/or planning your 2019? Looking for a photographer who will be there every step of the way? Well, you found her! Shoot me a message and lets chat!

Here’s to 2019!!

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