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Wedding Photographer in Colorado Thomas and Jenna

I can’t tell you how excited I am to OFFICIALLY be a wedding photographer in Colorado!!! If you missed our HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT, head over and check it out!!!!

In just a few short months, our family will be settled in the Colorado Springs area, and I will be trading beach coastlines for mountain and lake views like this!

Wedding Photographer in Colorado Springs | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Imagine my surprise when I was looking through some of my Colorado engagement photos galleries to share with you, and of course, I knew that I needed to share Thomas and Jenna with you!

And then I got even MORE excited when I looked and saw that this location is less than an hour from Colorado Springs, the area we are looking to live!!

This amazing engagement session took place right at sunrise! Now, before you think you would never do a sunrise engagement session, here are a few things to consider:

Colorado Wedding Photographer | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Jenna and Thomas were so much fun during their engagement session! Within the time of our session, which is usually about an hour to an hour and a half, we had a beautiful sunrise, two outfit changes, played in the lake, and captured so much love!!

See for yourself!

In case you are wondering, YES, we have a lot of fun during your engagement session, and of course your wedding day too!

Are you looking to book your wedding photographer in Colorado? Or ANY location (that’s right, I love to travel), then send me a message and let’s plan your magical day!

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