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Fun Engagement Ideas | Fitness Inspired Engagement Photos

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If you are a fitness junkie, or you love The Rock, or you are looking for some fun engagement photo ideas for your own engagement session, you can stop your search, because I have an incredible blog for you!

Meet the beautiful and incredible Joanne and Roby!!! They are the SWEETEST couple who not only love each other (more on that in a minute!), but a couple that LOVES…..LOVES….Fitness and The Rock!!!

engagement session inspired by the rock fitness

Their love for The Rock runs deep!

In their own words:

“When we both met we had no idea we both loved The Rock. He loved him for his fitness and I idolized him for who he was as a person and the unconditional love he has for his culture. You bring the two together and our love for Dwayne and fitness has a whole different meaning. It’s deeper than just idolizing a strong tall wrestler or a talented actor who was good at what he did. No matter how famous he became he never forgot where he came from and his people. He constantly preaches the importance of hard work, how to stay grounded at the same time, how to be grateful for all our blessings and how to pay it forward to others. Not to mention the importance of family!”

Now, let me tell you a little bit about Roby and Joanne, and hope I don’t cry as I tell you about this special couple!

This couple has now been with me going on two years!! We are so excited to capture their special day this holiday season!

Not only is their love on full display at all times, they truly remind me of Josh and myself! They truly love just BEING together! And I have been blessed to see that! Not only did we do their amazing fitness-inspired engagement photos that you are seeing here, but we also did a floral tub and engagement session in Hawaii, AND engagement photos at one of their favorite places, Disneyland!!

Fun Engagement Ideas | Fitness Inspired Engagement Photos

What I love most about this beautiful couple is their kindness and friendship toward me. There gave me so much grace during a hard time in my life, and that will never go unnoticed. It’s always incredible when you get not only wonderful couples but when those couples become friends too!

Seriously, this couple is one in a million, and no matter where I live, no matter what, I will always have their back, just like they have had mine!

Now, let’s be done with the sappy stuff, and check out Roby and Joanne’s fun fitness-inspired engagement session!

I mean, HOW FUN was this session?! And because we did their engagement photos first thing in the morning, they did tell me it was breakfast and gym time right after the session!!!! I am truly inspired by them!!

Are you looking for a fun engagement photoshoot for yourself? Let’s get creative!!! Let’s chat and plan your special engagement photos!

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