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Top 10 Favorite Moments in Hawaii – Personal | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Well, here we are, a full year here in Hawaii!

I’m not even sure how that happened!

Its been one of the best year’s of my life, and I thought it would be great to relive some of my favorite moments both personally and professionally of this past year here in paradise!

While there are are so many amazing moments of this past year,  these are the 10 that have stood out to me! Here are my 10 favorite personal memories of our first year in Hawaii!

Hawaii Wedding Photographer Vanessa Hicks Photography

Kauai Trip with Josh

Josh and I had such an amazing time when we visited Kauai at the beginning of the year! I was actually still suffering the flu , but he had never visited Kauai (he went for a golf trip but the course was literally outside of the airport, He went there and then straight back to the airport! So it didn’t count!) I got on the plane with a 101.4 temp, but I was determined to show Josh my favorite island and have some fun, and we did, even if I was in bed by 7:30pm!

One Year In Hawaii- Vanessa Hicks Photography

Seeing all of my friends!!

I was so lucky that I saw 3 of my oldest friends just in the past few months! I’ve known Justine for 15 years and Kita and Edmarie 11 and 8 years! Being a military family has us moving so much, but its so good to have friends that distance and time doesn’t matter!One Year In Hawaii- Vanessa Hicks Photography

Aulani Staycation

After a busy year, it was nice to take some time off in December to spend with my family for the holidays! One of these fun days was heading over to Disney’s Aulani for a wonderful staycation! If you don’t know just how much I love Disney, you need to read my about me! LOL! One Year In Hawaii- Vanessa Hicks Photography

I’ve made some amazing friends here!

I must admit, as you get older, it gets harder making true genuine friends. And, no matter what industry you are in, making industry friends can be hard too, as you try to navigate if people are genuine in their friendship, or looking to take advantage! I am so happy with the ones that I have met and those I can call friends this past year!One Year In Hawaii- Vanessa Hicks Photography

Attending the Lantern Festival

This was definitely  a moment that stuck out to me. I shared my thoughts about this amazing experience here:

2018 Shoot and Share Contest Results- Vanessa Hicks Photography

Met Pierce Brosnan!

Location scouting is a must! You never know who you may run in to ???????????? In Kauai for an Elopement and pulled over for some food, and look who I saw! Day made!#007

Saw the lava and black sand on the Big Island!


My in-laws came to visit!

Had an AMAZING 5th Annual Favorite Things Party!

My Christmas favorite things party has been going on for 5 years now! I was so nervous for this year as I didn’t know if anyone would show!! And not only did people show, it was SO MUCH FUN! Can’t wait till next year!

I’m home….and my soul is incredibly happy <3

The day I landed here, back to the island I spent 13 years of my childhood,  I felt back at home. I think so many incredible things have happened to me this year because of how happy my whole being is!  
I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next year! Stay tuned for my top 10 business moments in the past year!
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  2. Audrey says:

    What a year!!!! Meeting Pierce Brosnan among soooo many other awesome things… SO COOL!

  3. Tasha says:

    I would love to come visit Hawaii one day!

  4. I hope this next year is twice as nice!

  5. Lindsay Zilke says:

    I love seeing your amazing Hawaii life!! And I can’t wait to get there one day!!!!

  6. Jessica Hunt says:

    Congrats on an incredible first year!!

  7. Sharron says:

    These are some awesome moments in one year! Excited to see your next year! ❤️

  8. Tricia says:

    What a fabulous encounter! You never know who you will run into just getting out and exploring!

  9. So cool that you met Pierce Brosnan and that lantern picture oh my gosh I’m swooning over that photo

  10. Jessica says:

    Looks like you have had a such an amazing year! Your Christmas party looks like a blast!

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