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Planning to Propose? Here are 5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Proposal Amazing! | Vanessa Hicks Photography

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Hello and welcome to another #weddingwednesday tips!, all about planning to propose!!

Since we are starting the part of the year known as Engagement Season, I thought now would be the perfect time so share with you some tips on making your proposal amazing!

For those of you that are wondering, in the wedding industry, there is definitely an “engagement season”! This typically happens between November through February, as all of the big major holidays fall into that time, making it the perfect reason to get a small box as a present!

These are some helpful tips that I think will help you as you are planning that perfect proposal to your significant other! If you are planning to propose, this is for you!

article to help with planning a proposal

  1. Determine what style you want the proposal to be. As with most of this planning, you want to think of your significant other. Are they a person who would like to be proposed to in front of a bunch of people? Would they want their family and friends around? Would that want something small and romantic? A picnic at the beach? Sitting down for coffee at Starbucks? This is where you really want to consider them, as they will be talking and reliving this proposal story for years to come. Once you know the style that you want, you can start planning the details for your soon to be fiance.
  2. Hire a photographer to capture this special day! Now, I am not saying this because I am a photographer, I am saying this because I have photographed so many proposals, and the response from the future bride and groom is always so overwhelming! They are so happy to have these special moments documented! What makes it even better, is that I get to help you plan your special moment! We will discuss where is the best location, based on the details from the previous tip. We will know the best lighting, where you need to be for the best shot, and I will be incognito, but present, for the proposal! Don’t rely on a non-professional to document these photos! A professional quality image will always look so much better than a camera phone image! And I promise you, he/she will want it!
  3. Get down on one knee! I know that this seems like a simple one, but it’s worth mentioning! You don’t want to skip out on this tradition, especially if you are having it photographed! You really can’t tell you are proposing if you are standing up! So, unless you are doing something crazy like jumping out of a plane, make sure you get down on that knee! FYI, a jumping out of the plane proposal is pretty cool!
  4. Make sure she looks good, especially her nails! After the shock and cries happen after the proposal, one of the first things your new fiance typically does is….take a selfie and share with their friends and family. Make sure her nails are done! This goes into the planning part of your proposal! Have their friends take your soon to be fiance out shopping, get a mani/pedi, etc. She will want to feel gorgeous on this day, so make sure that she is! It always helps if, in the details, you let your significant other think you guys are going out for a date, etc. Just make sure you do it in a way to not spoil what’s in store! And another note, it’s important that YOU look good too! Get a haircut, pull out a nice suit or a nice outfit! This is a special moment for you as well!
  5. Speak from your heart. It wins every time. Now, I do want you to know and plan what you are going to say when you are down one one knee, but I don’t want you to have your focus on a piece of paper. Speak from the heart, look into their eyes, and be in the moment!

 I hope this helps you plan the perfect proposal for your soon to be fiance’! Looking to book a surprise proposal package or need help planning that special day? Contact me to get the process started! 

Did you love these images from Colton and Michelle’s Surprise Beach Proposal? Read Colton’s review of that special day:

I am writing this review to try to convince anyone at all thinking about booking Vanessa to absolutely go ahead and do it. It was seriously a lifesaver for me. Not only was Vanessa extremely easy to work with and helpful, she also genuinely cares about making your proposal go smoothly and as possible.

On my planned proposal date, when I was about to lose service and start my drive into big sur, I received a phone call that my dinner and hotel plans were cancelled because of a mandatory fire evacuation. I pulled over and went into panic mode because I had no idea what to do. However, I was able to text Vanessa without my then girlfriend knowing. Vanessa went ahead and made suggestions as to an alternative proposal location in Carmel, made suggestions for dinner plans, made dinner reservations for me, and offered to try to find a hotel room for us for that night because she knew I was driving and wouldn’t have service. She also told me to relax, enjoy big sur, and that her and I were going to make everything work.

So basically on top of all of that, she had offered to drive another 30 minutes out of her way to still make sure she captured the moment of the proposal – a moment she audibled the location on with less than half a days notice. The location was absolutely stunning and so was Carmel. All I’m saying is that there is no way I would have been able to make the proposal happen without all her help and I cannot thank her enough. Vanessa, you are the best. Again, anyone trying to choose between photographers, look no further. I was extremely lucky to have chosen her.

Oh also, Vanessa takes great pictures. My mom and fianc√© kept crying every time they looked at them. I’m very happy to have had the moment I proposed captured and the pictures really did turn out extremely well.

Thank you again for all of your help Vanessa, we hope to have you there to capture our wedding too!!

See more of their proposal published on How He Asked!

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