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Aloha Hawai'i!

Hawaii Family Photographer | Fun Times at the 50th State Fair

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So, here in Hawaii, the 50th State Fair is going on!!

This annual fair has been around for so many years, I remember coming here as a kid with my family! There’s really not any amusement parks on the island, so when this one show’s up every summer, more than likely, you are making a trip there with the family!

I decided to get the girls dressed up and take them out for a photo session at the fair! I mean, what kid wouldn’t want their pictures taken here?

What was so much fun about it was the fact that Jasmine and Tatyana are so very different, and I wanted to show their personalities off!

Jasmine is my tomboy and getting her to get “dressed up” is hard! But, when I told her lets do a shoot with her roller derby skates, she was absolutely down for it! We paired it up with a red, white and blue theme, and man, did we get some amazing shots of my girl! photoshoot at the fair! girl amusement park session 50th state fair shoot photoshoot at an amusement park amusement park photo session roller derby photoshoot roller skate photoshoot carnival photoshootSeriously, all I kept thinking during this was how grown Jasmine is! She is turning into a beautiful lady right in front of my eyes, and it’s hard sometimes to watch her grow, because I’m just not ready for her not “needing” me anymore. She is so smart and kind and weird at 10 years old! My Harry Potter nerd girl. Gosh, I just love her!

And then there’s my Tatyana. My girly girl! Who loves getting her pictures taken! Who is my mini me in the fact that she loves dresses, and glitter, and sparkles and Disney! I loved her spinning around in this gorgeous Dollcake Dress!cotton candy fun cotton candy photoshoot amusement park photoshoot girl photoshoot at the carnival carnival photoshoot senior session at the carnival amusement park shoot My baby girl always is also growing up! She’s such an artist and is loving it here in Hawaii! She is just ready to get into hula and I can’t wait to take some hula photos of her!


Want to schedule a carnival photoshoot? The 50th State Fair here in Hawaii is only going on for a few more weeks, shoot me an email and let’s chat! Perfect for kids and senior sessions!!!



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