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Well, here we are!

Final Recap of images from 2020!!!

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So here we are, recapping the heart of my business, my weddings and the amazing couples that I serve!

You know, I typically photograph around 40 weddings or so a year. This year, I would have hit over 200 weddings photographed in 6.5 years. And then...well you know what happened….

And the 41 weddings I had on the books this year got postponed, and some even canceled. While I am all about seeing the positive of 2020, I’m not going to lie, this year my wedding business really took a hit, like so many others.

There was a lot of tears, both from my couples and myself. A LOT of money lost. Like, an almost unbearable amount of money that when you think about it makes you sick to your stomach.

As a small business owner, your income always fluctuates, and you have to be prepared for that. When a pandemic hits and your weddings essentially come to a halt, yeah, there’s no plans for that….

But you know what….I am blessed that I have THE MOST INCREDIBLE COUPLES ON THE PLANET…NO..IN THE UNIVERSE.

Majority of my couples rescheduled their weddings, most around my schedule. They paid their balances early. They reviewed my business, sent referrals, and checked in on me as much I checked in on them!

And, I was able to still photograph some beautiful weddings!

San Diego Wedding Photographer

I still ended up photographing 9 amazing wedding couples ( a very big difference!!) and able to squeeze in some amazing wedding editorials as well!

As you will see, the fact that I was able to capture any wedding magic at all is just heartwarming! From Hawaii, to Cannon Beach, Washington State, Colorado, Houston and here in California, weddings may have been postponed, but love never failed!

I mean, not bad for a year of so much uncertainly, loss, and sadness. These iamges show that joy and light can always be found in the midst of darkness!

To my 2020 couples, you are the real MVP. If you still got to get married this year, or postponed to next year, you stuck by my side, and I with you. I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you!

To future couples, I can’t wait to serve you! Shoot me an email and discuss how we can create a beautiful legacy for your wedding!

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