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Is it just me, or is this month FLYING by!!!!!

So many of you enjoyed seeing our first week of our Annual Advent Calendar, and expressed that you guys wanted to do this for your family too, which I hope you guys do!

The memories that you will create with your family will be so worth it!!

Without further adieu, here is our week 2 of our Christmas Advent Calendar!

Day 8- Movie Night!

Tonight, we went and watched the new Grinch movie and we really loved it! It was so funny, with a modern twist to the classic!

Day 9- Toys for Tots Donation

Another one that we have done since the beginning! I think it’s so important to teach the girls to give back, especially during the holidays!

Day 10- Baking Night!!

The girls made yummy cinnamon rolls, which were promptly eaten and gone by the next day! #caloriesdontcountduringdecember!

Day 11- Movie Night

Another night of popcorn, snacks, this time to watch one of my favorite movies- ELF!!!

Day 12- Craft Night

So, heres a funny story! I was actually in Florida for the remainder of the week! And myself and my girls have NEVER, I mean never, have been able to get a gingerbread house to stay up!! It’s now a running joke! But OF COURSE, this year, with my hubby, it stays up!!!!!

Day 13- Donate Food to the local Food Bank!

In regards to teaching the girls to give back, today we loaded up on the needs of our local food bank, and went to donate it! These moments makes me so proud of them!

Day 14- Sleep in the Living Room

This is one that the girls love! They love sleeping with the twinkling lights!! Mind you, I don’t know how they lay on the ground!! I’m just old!!!

Hope you enjoyed our second week of our 2018 Christmas Advent Calendar!

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