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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! | Vanessa Hicks Favorite Things!

Hi, I'm Vanessa!
Aloha and welcome to the blog! If you are a believer in Disney magic, waiting for your Hogwarts letter, or watches The Office on repeat, you my friend, are in the right place! Take a look around, get to know me and my work, and then, let's plan your special day!
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!


I just LOVE the holiday season! One of the things that I love the most is my Favorite Things Party!!!

I started this party 7 years ago, being inspired by Oprah of course!!! All of my friends would get dressed up, bring 3 of their favorite things (the same thing!), and after games and name drawing, they give their gifts away, and walk out with 3 NEW things!!!! It’s a party and a tradition that has started in Virginia, then moved to California, and now here in Hawaii!! And this year is my 7th Annual party!

First Favorite Things Party- Virginia 2013
Favorite Things Party Hawaii 2018

BUT, I can’t invite each and every one of you to my home, so I thought, why not do a FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY!!!!! That way, each one of you could be a part of my tradition!!!

So, say hello to Vanessa Hicks 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited for you guys to play along! I have some of my favorite items from this year and YOU have a chance to win each and every one of them!!!!!! Wanna see what they are!!!! Scroll down below!

Disney Aulani Ears

You guys SHOULD know how much I love Disney! You SHOULD KNOW! And, seeing as I have so many Mickey Ears, I thought it would be awesome to give one of these away, which, these ears, you can only get in Hawaii!!!

the 12 week year book

YOU GUYS!!! This book right here changed so much for me, both my business and my personal life!!! I read it so fast, that I am going back through it now with a highlighter! This book will change how you plan your goals and such moving forward!! I’m actually building my mastermind around it!!!

You guys should also know how much I love Starbucks! And when I saw that these Pineapple tumblers were on Ebay for $100, I thought that was INSANE! Especially when they are right down the road from me! So, here you go!

I’ll also be giving away a Hawaii gift package, filled with treats, coffee, honey, and so much more!

My friend and mentor Julie Paisley has an amazing planner that I used this year, and I know that you will love it as well!

Who doesn’t love Target!! (also, who just said Target as “tarsheyyyy’? JUST ME?!?!) I hope this $50 gift card will help you buy yourself something nice!

Creative entrepreneurs, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! My friend Paige with The Legal Paige is HOOKING YOU GUYS UP!!!! If for some odd reason, you don’t know Paige, let me introduce you!

And she is partnering up with me and giveaway a FREE LEGAL CONTRACT FROM HER SHOP!! A $425 value!!! Get your business LEGAL today!

This Versace perfume smells WONDERFUL! And it fits nicely right in your purse! And, it can be yours!

I truly believe in educating yourself and attending workshops and conferences that will help grow your business! Hustle in Heels is one of them! And a FREE ticket can be yours!

I LOVE our Amazon Echo!!! I actually got one for each of my daughters for Christmas their year! And, I have one for you!!!

My friends over at Gift and Garnish opened up a new shop and I am so excited to offer you a $40 gift card to ANYTHING in their shop!!!! I have a feeling you will be spending way more cause EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE!

You guys are the FIRST TO KNOW THIS IS AVAILABLE! If you are on my newsletter, you know that for the past few months, I’ve been sending out FREE monthly social media prompts and have gotten an AMAZING response to them! What I didn’t tell everyone that I was working on a YEAR WORTH OF PROMPTS for 2020, and they can be YOURS, for FREE!!!! A $129 Value!!! Do you still need December’s prompt? Here you go!

Who is excited about the giveaway?!

Over $2000 worth of my favorite things just for you!! Stay tuned to my Instagram as that’s where it will be taking off on December 7th, 2019!! Want to get an extra entry for each prize? Sign up here to be the first to know when the giveaway launches and to get an extra entry!



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