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Hawaii Floral Tub Session | Shana’s Floral Tub Session

There are still times I pinch myself that I get to capture these amazing floral tub sessions here in Hawaii thanks to Pamakane with Ocean Dreammer and Hibiskiss Love Tub!

Shana wanted to spend the day in the floral tub as it was a birthday gift to her from her husband who was deployed at the time! Shana’s bright blue bathing suit really popped against the stunning florals!

Not only did that blue pop against the flowers, it really made the blue in Shana’s eye’s just piercing!

So, slow your scroll and check out this beautiful floral tub session!

I mean, I’m just dying reliving this session all over again!!! Want to book your own floral tub session? Perfect for spring and summer time! Contact me now and let’s get your session booked!

Did you also see the BIG NEWS in regards to the floral tub sessions on my Instagram? You need to check it out!

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