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San Diego Wedding Photographer | Recapping the First Six Month of 2019!

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Aloha and welcome to the blog! If you are a believer in Disney magic, waiting for your Hogwarts letter, or watches The Office on repeat, you my friend, are in the right place! Take a look around, get to know me and my work, and then, let's plan your special day!
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So, if you guys haven’t realized it yet, I love making and pushing towards goals! That’s why I always share with you all here on my blog my monthly goals!

Plus, it helps me stay accountable to those goals as well!

Last week on Instagram, I invited my followers to take a look at their last 6 months, and see where they were on those goals that they created in January!

And the reviews were mixed! Some people were happy with that they accomplished, some couldn’t even remember what goals they had set for themselves, but others, including myself, got a bit discouraged.

Sad that I hadn’t hit xxx goal.

Sad I hadn’t made xxx money yet.

Sad some goals got canceled.

Disappointed in my progress on xxx goal.

You see how unfortunate that is! And that was the exact OPPOSITE of what I wanted for myself and for you!!

So, this week, I wanted to encourage myself, and YOU, to take a look at those goals and see where you are! That’s a must!

BUT, I also want you guys to take a moment and look at all you have accomplished in the first 6 months of 2019!

I think its okay, and even healthy, to stop and give yourself a pat on the back! It’s important to see how far you’ve come!!!

Goals Quotes

So, here are my big WINS for the first part of 2019! I am so excited, and more motivated now, to crush the back half of 2019!

San Diego Wedding Photographer Vanessa Hicks Photography
  • TRAVEL: You guys, I have traveled so much this past 6 months, and it isn’t slowing down yet!!! So far, I’ve been to San Diego, Los Angelas, Atlanta, New York x3, Texas, Bahamas, Lanai, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Arizona, Seattle, Orlando x2, Kentucky, Alabama, and Malibu! My miles are off the charts!
  • SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: I’ve been so honored so far this year to speak at The Reset Conference and Hustle and Flow Workshops! I also got accepted to speak at The Reset Conference for 2020, Showit United, The Photo Cookout and Hustle in Heels 2.0!
  • WEDDINGS: I’ve photographed 22 weddings so far!
  • DISNEY LOVE: I went to both Disneyworld and Disneyland this year. I also photographed a Disney Wedding and just booked a Christmas Disney wedding for 2020!~
  • 100 WEDDINGS: I captured my 100th wedding in my career in January!
  • VOTED NUMBER ONE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN HAWAII: Still can’t believe that happened back to back!! Thank you Hawaii Magazine!!!
  • OTHER AWARDS: Voted Best of Weddings by The Knot, Couples Choice Award by Wedding Wire, and 2019 Editors Choice award by Two Bright Lights!
  • Visited The Knot and Two Bright Lights Studio in NYC!
  • Attended Engage Summits!
  • PUBLISHED: my work so far has been featured 17 times, to include print features in Bridal Guide, Legacy Magazine, and a two page editorial spread for California Wedding Day Summer Edition!
  • Hired a Personal Trainer!

WOW!!!! I seriously can not believe I even THOUGHT about being sad!! And that’s what I want for YOU!! To be motivated to hit those remaining goals for 2019!!

So, who’s with me! Let’s crush the rest of this year!!!



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