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San Diego Wedding Photographer | July 2019 Goals

Well here we are!!!

Summer is here, and there is 6 months exactly till January 1st, 2020!!!

It’s time to not only make goals for the month, but to find those goals that we made in January, and do a check up and see how we are doing on those goals!

July Goals- Vanessa Hicks Photography San Diego Wedding Photographer

Now look, some of you guys may not even remember where that piece of paper is that you wrote your goals down for the year, or, maybe you are worried to look at them because you don’t want to be upset at where you are at!

But look, First and foremost, the year isn’t over. This DAY isn’t over! There’s so much time to turn anything you need to turn around now!

But if you are not facing it, taking responsibility for anything, or just “hoping or wishing” for the best, I’m sorry to tell you guys, it won’t happen!

So today, grab out a fresh piece of paper. Find those goals you made in January or make new ones! Share those goals. Hold yourself accountable! And let’s make this the best 6 months of your life!
Who’s with me?!?

July Goals- Vanessa Hicks Photography San Diego Wedding Photographer

So for now, let’s chat about my goals for July!! It’s going to be a busy month, and I can’t wait!!

July Goals- Vanessa Hicks Photography San Diego Wedding Photographer


  • lose 5 lbs! loving my trainer for the past 7 weeks!
  • School supply shopping! School starts here in August!
  • Do 2 hikes with hubby
  • Book myself a massage
  • Finish 2 books!


  • Book 2 Weddings
  • Survive my travel schedule this month- San Diego, LA, Chicago, Minneapolis and New Orleans
  • Photograph epic styled shoot!
  • Prep for Education Launch!
  • Finish Presentation for The Photo Cookout? Will I see you there?

Alright you guys, let’s crush this month!!!

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