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San Diego Wedding Photographer | WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

Let’s be honest, 2021 was not the greatest year for me. BUT, 2021 was the year that I (and all of my fellow wedding vendors) got to get back to doing what we love…… getting amazing couples MARRIED!!!!

After having to postpone and/or cancel over 30 weddings last year, which was devastating not just for us vendors, but of course our couples too, it was so exciting to get back to doing what we love!

What I found even more awesome this year was the fact that because our couples went through so much, having to postpone, reducing guest count lists, and just wondering when and how they were going to get married, the day of their wedding, there was an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness, excitement and joy this year at weddings!

Even at the start of the year, there were still so many unknowns. All of my Q1 weddings in Hawaii except one had to postpone or move their wedding AGAIN, because Hawaii was still in strict restrictions for weddings. In California, indoor weddings with dancing and such couldn’t really happen until the summer! And then, in August, Hawaii went back on lockdown for events, leaving weddings having to rapidly change or postpone again.

But then, I remember this specific wedding in particular! Anthony and Ashley’s wedding was stunning at the L’Auberge Del Mar this summer. Dancing at receptions had resumed in California, and watching all of the smiles, laughs, fun, dancing, just seeing people TOGETHER, made me emotional!

I had missed moments like this so much (and it didn’t help that Ashley and Anthony had some dance moves!!!!)


This year, I was on a plane it seemed like every single week since May!!! But, I was lucky to photograph so many weddings and shoots from Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, California, Charleston, NYC, Cancun, Peurto Penasco, Colorado, Chicago, Florida, and Washington DC!! YALL, I am tired!!! LOL!

But, I mean, look at what I get to do!!!

San Diego Wedding Photographer | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Are you ready to see Best of 2021: Weddings?

Can you say “I DO!!!!”


I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for seeing all of these amazing wedding couples. This year, they were the most kind, the most gracious, and the most understanding. With the trials and tribulations of this year, they were there supporting me, being patient with me. I can’t believe how lucky I am!

I am thankful for my couples who stuck around, booking me in 2019 for their 2020 wedding, and not getting married till 2021 and some in 2022! Thank you for continuing to support me and my dreams!

Future couples, word on the street is a wedding BOOM is starting in 2021! I am already half booked for 2021, so if you are interested in chatting about booking a photographer for your wedding, I would love to chat with you!

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