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Photographer at Disney World | Brittany’s Pregnancy Gender Reveal at Disney

I swear there’s magic being a photographer at Disney World. Those days, there just seems to be extra pixie dust in the air! When Brittany reached out to me to tell me that her family was looking for a Florida Photographer to help them announce to the world, AND THEMSELVES, the gender of their baby at the most magical place in the world, you know it was an IMMEDIATE YES!!!

Photographer at Disneyworld | Vanessa Hicks Photography

You know what makes this even more special? Only I knew the gender of their baby, and Brittany’s friend, who told me! Again, these incredible moments that I get to be a part of as a photographer is never lost on me!

Brittany had the cutest idea of using Pink and Blue Donuts as for the gender reveal! Since this was a family event, I thought, why not let little Miss A eat the right donut, with everyone’s eye’s closed! First off, look at these donuts!!! I did get a small piece and yes, it was delicious!

Little Miss A took a big bite of …..

..her blue donut!!!! She’s having a baby brother!!!!

Seriously, what a magical day!!!!! After calls were made, and more bites of delicious donuts were taken, we captured a few more photos around the park, while getting to know each other, and officially making Little Miss A a photographer herself! Seriously, she’s a natural! She’s going to be the next photographer at Disney World taking your photos!

Check out this magical pregnancy announcement at Disney World below:

Seriously, this is literally one of the most beautiful sessions I’ve taken at Disney, and it will be one hard to beat!!!!

Ready to book your Disney Photoshoot with me! I can’t wait to capture YOUR magical session!

Drop me a line with some extra pixie dust, and let’s get it planned!

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Photographer at Disneyworld | Brittany’s Gender Reveal at Disney

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