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Oahu Wedding Photographer | Friday Fives- Five BIG Goals For My Wedding Business!

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So, if you have followed me for a while, you know that I am BIG on writing down my goals!

I am a firm believer that you are more successful in accomplishing those goals you have created when you write them down than not!

Recently, my amazing husband told me that I needed to

dream bigger!

I remember thinking, WHAT!!!!

I mean, I do have big goals and I have been busting my butt all year to crush them! And I have!

So, I was confused that he has seen me work SO HARD, yet was telling me to dream bigger.

Then he explained to me…

“You need goals that SCARE you. Yeah, you have good goals, but they are attainable. You know you will book XX amount of weddings. So double your number.”

And he wasn’t just talking about how many weddings I want to book, he meant in ALL aspects of my business.

So today, I want to share with you a few goals that I have for myself, that not many people know, that are HUGE! Even as I sit her about to type them out, the anxiety part of my brain is already like….YOU will NEVER do these things. But I’m shutting that part off. Because you know what?!

I can do this.

I just have to work and hustle…with a little bit of luck, who knows right?

Vanessa Hicks Photography Hawaii Wedding Photographer

I want to be a photographer at New York Fashion Week!

Yup, you saw that right! I would love love LOVE to photograph a runway show! There’s New York Bridal week too, either or!! To be surrounded by all of that lights and glitter and FASHION!!! Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me incredibly happy! I was lucky enough to photograph the runway show here in Hawaii for Wedding Week and see all of these STUNNING gowns, and it just really reminded me how much I would love to do this!Galia Lahav Wedding Gown

I would love to Intern/Shoot with a Fashion Magazine!

Again, this is a big dream! But I would love to be with the editors of Brides Magazine, The Knot, something along those lines! I always thought I would be a good fashion editor or something like that for a magazine! Yes, like Devil Wears Prada!!!

Fun fact: I was actually accepted to Berkeley College in NYC for Fashion Marketing and was going to go after I got out of the Navy, but then, a beautiful thing happened… I got pregnant with my daughter and my whole life changed!


Shoot a wedding out of the United States!

I’d love to take Vanessa Hicks Photography INTERNATIONAL!!!! I mean, I need a passport and all, but to be an international photographer would be incredible!Paris Wedding Photographer

Expand my Brand and offer Courses and Workshops!

Yes, I love teaching! I firmly believe in education on all levels, and I also believe in helping and empowering others! I think it would be incredible to expand my brand and follow the likes of Jenna Kutcher and Jasmine Star!! I’ve already been blessed with some amazing speaking opportunities, and I hope it is the start of something really special!!

Make as much as my husband does!

Again, maybe this isn’t a HUGE deal to someone, and no, he’s not a millionaire or anything, but he makes a great living with 18 years under his belt! Why is this something that I want to accomplish? Because, he’s been working his butt off serving our country and putting his life on the line on deployments to make what he makes. It would be incredible, in my eyes, to build my own business without all of those incredible sacrifices and make as much as him! Plus, it would be awesome to get out of debt with that type of income!

So yes, when I think of goals that SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME, these are them! And now they are out here for all of the interwebz to see!
I hope you guys stick around long enough for me to accomplish these goals!


What is a goal that scares the crap out of you?!!! Or have you already achieved it!?! Leave a comment below!

Vanessa Hicks Photography has been named Hawaii’s #1 Wedding Photographer for 2018 by Hawaii Magazine! Also specializes in engagements, couples, family and maternity sessions! Available for travel on all Hawaiian Islands and worldwide!


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