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Mommy and Me Photoshoot | San Diego Floral Tub Sessions

Mother’s Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, and I can’t help but think that a Mommy and Me Photoshoot in the Floral Tub would be an AMAZING GIFT!!

The San Diego Floral Tub Sessions are opening up early before summer opening for Mommy and Me Sessions!

The San Diego Floral Tub sessions are such a fun time for both mom and kids as well! I mean, what kiddos wouldn’t love playing around in a floral bath!

And it’s a great bonding experience between child and mom! And I can’t wait to capture these moments for you for Mother’s Day!!!

Here’s the details for the San Deigo Floral Tub Mommy and Me Sessions

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions in San Diego

Why I think Mommy and Me Photoshoots are so important…

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that my childhood was not the greatest. I look at these beautiful images that I have had the honor to capture, and while they brings me so much joy, I get a bit sad.

I wish I had images of my mom like this with me. Heck, I wish I would have taken more pictures of me and my daughters now that they are growing into beautiful teenagers

Time flies by my friends. And I know when it comes to these floral tub sessions, mom especially gets in their head about being in a bathing suit! And I am telling you, put the suit on! It doesn’t matter. Because not only are you beautiful, your children do not care! It’s time to BE in the photos with our kids! Even as they get older like this mom and daughter duo!

Ready to book your Mommy and Me Photoshoot in the San Diego Floral Tub?

Click Here to Book Your Session! First come, first serve!

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