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Kauai Wedding Photographer | Don’t Forget Your Special Hanger | Wedding Wednesday

Hello and welcome to another edition of #weddingwednesday!

Today’s tip I wanted to share with all of the brides is to NOT forget your hanger for your dress!

Now, let me emphasize what I mean by that!

You have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on this gorgeous gown of yours! You want it documented hanging up somewhere!

WHY would you want to have this stunning dress being photographed with an old, boring, plastic hanger? 

**light bulb moment**

There are so many different types of hangers you could get for your wedding dress, just check out Etsy! Even a simple wooden hanger looks better than a plastic hanger!

Personalized wedding hangers are always an awesome gift and a sweet detail that will make the moment and a photo prettier. You can find a personalized hanger with hand-painting, engraving, wire art and decorative bows. Get creative with it!

P.S. Don’t forget hangers for your bridesmaids as well!!!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks wedding tip! Any tips that you have for a wedding day? Let me know!

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