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Hawaii Wedding Photographer | April 2019 Goals

Ok, I can’t be the only one that literally can not believe that it’s April already!?!

Hello April Vanessa Hicks Photography

How the heck are in the second quarter of the year? It feels like its only February!!

Well, time is flying, and that means that life is flying by as well!!!!

Looking back on my March Goals, I am happy with what I accomplished, but in the midst of busy, its so important for me (and maybe even you!) to look at my monthly goals everyday and work towards them! I know for me, sometimes, I write my monthly goals down, but then, get so focused on my weekly and daily goals, that I forget what I wanted to accomplish for the month!

Anyone else?!!

This month, I challenge you to write down your monthly goals and put them somewhere where you will see them everyday! Not just in your notebook, but put it on your desk, your wall, something to make it visible!

I bet you we all accomplish more this month!!!

Here’s a look at my goals for April!



That’s it for this month! I can’t wait to see what you will be accomplishing this month! Share below so we can help inspire each other!

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