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Hawaii Family Photographer | Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 | Week 1

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I can not wait to share with you guys a tradition my family and I have been doing for about 7 years so far!!

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

Christmas is a special time for me for many reasons! Yes, I love the holiday spirit, the twinkling lights and all of that! But for me, its mostly about my family, and creating traditions, ones I’ve never had.

One of those traditions is our yearly advent calendar! Now yes, those cute ones that you get from the store, with the chocolate inside, is all fine and dandy!

But for ours, I wanted us to “do something” every day. When they were younger, we did more simpler things, but now that they are older, we really get to use the advent calendar not only to have fun, but to continue on with certain traditions, and also teach them what the meaning of Christmas is all about, and make sure that they know how important it is to give back as well!

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography
Our beautiful advent calendar is from Pottery Barn!

I get so many questions about our advent calendar, so I thought it would be fun to share here with you our weekly events! Now, these change each and every year, but some of them have remained the same, just on different days! The girls have no idea what that day will entail, until they open it! And yes, I leave two pieces of chocolate in there for them!

Day 1: Decorate the Tree

To start the month off, we started with decorating the tree! OF COURSE, this year, I would set our tree up, and then turn it on, and BOOM, only less than 1/3 of the lights work!! AHHH!!! Instead of crying, went over to Lowe’s bought more lights, added it to the tree, and kept going!!!! Also, finally splurged and got a rotating base for the tree!!!!! I am IN LOVE with it!

Day 2: Staycation at Disney’s Aulani

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

We did a staycation at Disney’s Aulani and we absolutely loved it!! This year, I wanted to go right at the beginning of the month, to kick off slow season for me! And it was great!

Day 3: Another Day at Disney’s Aulani

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

It really doesn’t get much better than a day at Disney’s Aulani!

Day 4: Write out Christmas Lists

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

It’s crazy to watch how the girls have grown and how their Christmas Lists have changed! This is the first year that they don’t really have any “toys” on their lists (besides video games)! My babies are getting older!

Day 5: Pick Out Ornaments

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

The girls have been doing this for so many years!! I can’t wait till one day, when I can hand them a box of their ornaments to put on their tree with their kids! 

Day 6: Pictures with Santa

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

Girls took pictures with Santa in their Disney Pajamas this year!!! Gotta love Santa with a Hawaiian Shirt on!

Day 7: Sibling Shopping Night

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas| Vanessa Hicks Photography

This may be one thing that the girls love most to do each year! They get a certain limit to spend on each other, and we head to the mall and go our separate ways! Then they come home and wrap the gift(s) that they got for each other, and its the first thing that goes underneath the tree!

That’s it for week one! I can’t wait to show you what’s in store for next week!!! Do you do an advent calendar with your family? Any ideas for me to add to ours? Drop your comments below!!!



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