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San Diego Engagement Photographer | End of 2020 Recap!

Well, here we are….

WE MADE IT OUT OF 2020!!!!!!

I mean, we all deserve a Dundie for surviving 2020!

While I did my Best of 2020 image recaps ( If you missed them, check out the Best of 2020- Portraits, Best of 2020- Couples, and Best of 2020- Weddings!), I debated on doing a End of Year recap like I always do.

2020 was hard. Overwhelming. Beautiful. Stressful. Successful. Draining. Uncertain. Loss.

It was so much wrapped into a year.

There were times I felt like my business wouldn’t survive. Then there were times that my business felt unstoppable.

There were days I felt great. Days I felt like I couldn’t survive. I was drowning. Mentally drained.

But as I sit here, the final day of 2020, I look back and I can’t help but laugh. I can’t help to look at myself and see a strong woman who survived a dumpster fire of a year. Who, through incredible odds, found herself this year, was still successful this year, and I survived.

I’m stronger. I’m more confident. I’m more resilient. I’m capable. I do feel unstoppable.

And while I know that 2021 isn’t a magic year. January 1st isn’t going to make everything better. Obstacles are coming. Hard times are ahead. But, I truly believe if we made it through 2020, my hope and goal is that we will make it through 2021 as well!

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So, let’s recap 2020!!


Like I mentioned, this year had incredible highs and lows! But, especially for our personal lives, I don’t feel like we celebrated or really took in all that happened to us personally, at least I didn’t! Here’s a recap of 2020 personally:


Yall, business this year was the most craziest, scariest, roller coaster ride of emotions I’ve ever been on in the last 6.5 years! While it ended up being an incredible year for my business in many ways, it was an overwhelmingly hard year.

Out of 41 weddings that was on the books this year, I only (and so happy I did) shot 9 of them.

There was a lot of tears, both from my couples and myself. A LOT of money lost. Like, an almost unbearable amount of money that when you think about it makes you sick to your stomach.

As a small business owner, your income always fluctuates, and you have to be prepared for that. When a pandemic hits and your weddings essentially come to a halt, yeah, there’s no plans for that….

But, here I am…last day of 2020, business still standing. And to be honest that is what truly matters!

I’m still here. I’m still standing. And so are you!

I am so thankful for that!

I know that we made it out of this year, we can survive anything that 2021 brings us! Tomorrow isn’t a magical day. January 1st 2021 doesn’t truly mean anything.

It’s all about what’s inside of us. If we are going to believe in ourselves. If we are going to put in the work.

I’m ready if you are! Let’s get to work!

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