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"I am Beyonce always!" - Michael Scott


You probably have several tabs up right now of other wedding photographers, waiting for your stomach to give you those butterflies that you have found the photographer that will document your special day right, who will take the stress away from you, who will be your friend throughout this process. 

**pitter patter*


on your wedding day..

So here are my vows to you....

this I promise you!

you make promises to each other in front of your family and friends. You vow to love each other, cherish each other, for now and forever. 

It got me thinking of the promises I want to make to my wedding couples when they hire me.

I vow to be more than just a photographer on your wedding day. I’ll be there to hold your dress when you have to use the bathroom, I’ll be there to help fix the strap on your shoes, I’ll be there to hand tissues to your grandmother as she’s crying. I’ll do everything in my power to make this the best day of your life!

I vow to make sure you feel like the most stunning bride and/ or most handsome groom in front of my camera. I vow that any insecurities you have , you will not feel them in front of me. I vow to show you just how incredibly beautiful and special you are.

I vow to have fun with you! You will see me more than any of your vendors on your wedding day, and even more than your
significant other. I vow we will laugh, maybe even cry! But it won’t be boring!

I vow to you to document your legacy to the best of my ability. I understand the importance of these images. I understand that these images will be seen by your children and grandchildren. I vow that this is not something I take lightly.

I vow to you that hiring me will be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding day. I vow that you will be more than happy with my services. I vow that you will love your images. And I vow that I will take care of you, not only on your wedding day, but throughout the entire process.



from my

from my

From the moment I spoke with Vanessa on the phone, I knew she was the one ;) I knew she was the one that was meant to capture our special day. If you’re lucky enough to find her, book her. Her energy, her vibe, her kindness and her ability to connect was all seen just through our first phone call. Our communication throughout the following months was perfect and we were more than prepared on wedding day! Vanessa even did a quick photo shoot when she arrived in Mexico so my hubby and I could get to know her a little more before the big day! That photo shoot was incredible! On our wedding day, Vanessa was everything we needed her to be. She SHOWED up for us. She kept calm in the midst of any stress, she did whatever she had to do to get THAT shot, and she was the piece that held everything together that day. The pictures she took are absolutely amazing and I will sing her praises forever.. SHE IS THE BEST. I cannot imagine my wedding day without Vanessa. She truly is world class. My family and I would fly her anywhere because she is above the rest! I look forward to many more sessions with her in our future!!! Thank you for all you are Vanessa! We love you!

marissa & justus

If you’re looking for the perfect photographer then you can stop looking! My husband and I visited Walt Disney World and we reached out to Vanessa to see if she would do our photo shoot at Magic Kingdom. My husband has never enjoyed pictures, and I always get anxious about them, but Vanessa made our experience wonderful!! During our session she was very informative, and knew just what to say to make you laugh, pose, smile, or even just lighten up! When we were finished I couldn’t believe it when both me and my husband agreed that she was literally the best photographer we have ever had and we wish we knew about her sooner so we could have used her for so much more! I can’t thank her enough for our amazing experience!


I don’t even know where to begin with how incredible Vanessa is! She is passionate, genuine, friendly, and such a professional. She came early to scope the location for perfect places to take photos, she made the positions feel natural, has a beautiful eye for location/position/editing, makes you feel comfortable and confident while taking photos, and she is so responsive. She is truly there every step of the process and is a pleasure to work with. So happy she is taking photos for our upcoming wedding!

michelle & robert

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