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#tbt My First Paid Photoshoot- Droll Family| Virginia Family Photographer |Vanessa Hicks Photography

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So, as my timeline on Thursday’s are filled with #tbt, I decided for today’s blog post, I would share with you my first paid session here in Virginia when I officially opened my business! I can’t believe it has been almost a year that I started this crazy journey of owning my own photography business! Little did I know how it would change my life!

The Droll family has been coming back to me ever since their first photoshoot, and I think I just did their 5th session this past weekend! I am so blessed with them, and they most certainly need a frequent buyer card! Angie always has her children styled to the T at their sessions as well! She is beautiful inside and out, and I am so glad our husnands’ worked together and we had a chance to meet!

Her first session with me was right around her youngest and only daughter (and my favorite person to shoot) Isa’s 6 month pictures! Her mother was visiting, our husbands were out to sea, and she invited me into her home to capture some memories!

I haven’t really looked at these pictures in a while! You know what I think when I see them? I think, wow, I’ve come so far in less than a year! Of course, I think about the technical aspects of these pictures, what would I do different in posing, editing, etc. I remember being terrified this day…like literally dripping in sweat as it was my very first shoot! 

But you want to know what else I know? I know how happy Angie is with these pictures! I know that she has them hanging in her living room right now. 

I know that we captured memories that day that she can’t get back! These kids are totally different kids now!

I think it is important for us photographers to remember where we started. To remember that our job is to capture our clients memories. Not to dwell on coulda, woulda, shoulda’s.  My goal is to always make my next picture better than the last one. Here is the most recent sneak peek of the Droll family that I took this week! One of my favorites of them so far!

Angie, Joe, Bobby, Lucas, Tyler and Isa, 

Thank you for supporting me this past year! Thank you for letting me document your families memories! I hope these are memories that you will treasure always!


<3 Vanessa




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