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The Importance of a Wedding Shot List| Hawaii Wedding Photographer|

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One of the FIRST things I wanted to cover with you when it comes to weddings is the IMPORTANCE of giving your photographer a wedding shot list!! I stress this with each and every bride that I photograph!


Before you ask, yes, I as the photographer do have a shot list in hand for every wedding that I shoot! I know the classic shots that need to be taken throughout the day, i.e. detail shots, ring shots, first kiss, family shots, etc. Hawaii Wedding Photographer_ Vanessa Hicks Photography


But, let’s remember, this isn’t MY wedding!! Just because I think that there are certain shots that should or shouldn’t be taken, my job is to capture YOUR wedding! Guess what, you may not really care about getting ton of pictures of your flowers or of the tables! But, you do what to capture your Great Grandma Jan who you haven’t seen in years, who helped raise you. You want to make sure I get a picture of HER face as you walk down the aisle! Or, maybe your mom is walking you down the aisle, or you want to pose with certain people not in your bridal party, the requests are endless!


As a photographer who has photographed many weddings, having attended weddings, and had a wedding myself, let me tell you, your wedding day is going to FLY by, not just for you, but for me as well! 8 hours seems like a long time when you book me, but when you think of all of the shots that we are trying to take, and the just day itself, it leaves a lot of room to forget things to photograph! Again, this is why a wedding shot list is extremely important! With a shot list, I am able to photograph all of those important, traditional shots, and then it leaves me as the photographer to get creative as well!


Lesson learned- at my wedding, I had two photographers and they didn’t even ask for a wedding list shot. I was doing photography professionally at the time, so didn’t think of it either. It wasn’t until I opened my business and started photographing weddings that I realized a lot of the detail shots that were missing, including a ring shot! ring shot with smores by vanessa hicks photography


See, there is a very big different between my classic shot list, and YOUR dream wedding photographs! Here is the list that I give out to all of my wedding clients!

wedding shot list

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