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Christmas Tree Farm Mini’s Day 1

Can you believe Christmas was just a month ago?!? Well, when I switched over servers for my website, one thing I forgot to do was save my old blogs! So I will be blogging about new and old sessions as well, seeing as 2014 sessions definitely deserve some recognition!! 

What had to be my favorite sessions of 2014 was most definitely my Christmas Tree Farm Sessions! They were over the span of two days, Saturday and Sunday, just one weekend!

This farm was amazing! The farm has been in business for over 25 years, and the only Christmas Tree farm that you can find in Virginia Beach (it really was close North Carolina..funny how far Virginia Beach spreads on those back roads!)

I was so nervous on how I was going to be able to handle all of the sessions that were booked, by myself, on a farm that had no bathroom! I will tell you, the adrenaline of that weekend is the ONLY thing that got me through, and just so you know, I didn’t have to pee in the woods!

Day 1 of the mini sessions hosted 14 back to back sessions! I was NERVOUS! But, the sessions all came out great, I learned that it get dark REALLY QUICK in the country, and I had successful sessions! Here are a few pictures all of the amazing sessions from that day! *there are only 13 up as one family did not want their pictures online**

One of my favorite sessions that day!!! As you see on the left photo, they were lifting their daughter up, her shoe went flying, and it was caught on camera! Lots of laughs!!!

My final session happened at 5pm. By 5:05pm, it was pitch black! We made it work!!

It was a fun day filled with Christmas Music, sugar cookies, fake snow, laughs, and memories captured! Come back tomorrow to see day 2!

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