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Tips for Planning Your Wedding During the Holiday Season | For the Brides

It’s the holiday season!!

While it’s the most wonderful time of the year, planning a wedding during the holiday season can be a bit stressful!

It’s my goal for my couples to keep on top of their wedding planning during the season, but also to enjoy the wedding season!! So check out these tips I have for you to do just that!!!

Tips for Planning your Wedding During the Holiday Season!Tips for Planning your Wedding during Holiday Season

Don’t send your RSVP’s/ Save the Dates in the rush of Christmas Card Season!

Now, there are no statistics that I can give you about this tip! But, the main reason why I tell my couples not to send their wedding invitations during this time is because you have a bigger chance of it getting tossed aside during this time. While many people look forward to checking their main during the holiday season for Christmas gifts and cards, an invitation could get put on the back burner during this time. Also, so many packages and mail get lost during the holiday season, you don’t want your beautiful invitation suite to be one of them! If possible, I always recommend sending your invites either before December or right after the New Year! Christmas themed Wedding Invitations

Use Holiday Get Togethers to Help with Your Planning!

Need your Aunt’s address for your invitations? Need to confirm flight details with your family? If you are in the same room with people, use it to your advantage!! But, don’t steal the show!! Holiday Drinks

Use Holiday Sales to your Advantage!!

Black Friday deals! Cyber Monday Deals!! All good sales to use to your advantage while you are planning! The most things that I see that you can purchase during these times are : Wedding dresses and suites, accessories, invitation suites, decor, household goods and even some vendors run specials at the end of the year!Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Stay Organized!

While I do recommend that you enjoy the holidays, stay organized during this time. If you are taking a break from wedding planning, make sure you know what you need to accomplish in the New Year. If you are communicating with vendors, tell them your plans. Inform them that you will be stepping back for the holidays, but will respond right after the New Year. Depending on how quickly your wedding is after holiday season, you want to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running so your wedding will go without any issues!Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Plan Rest!

This is the one I want you to remember the most. The holiday season I think is the best time the entire year to rest, relax, and a great reminder of what is most important. I know, at times, your wedding planning is most important to you. That this beautiful wedding day is the first thing you think about and want to be perfect. But it’s not the most important thing. The person you are marrying, the life you two will create, the legacy you are about to begin, that is the most important thing. Hold your fiance’s hand. Stare at the Christmas tree. Watch holiday movies. Because, this life, this is what you are planning for. Enjoy the season!Christmas Wedding Inspiration

I hope some of these tips help you in the midst of wedding planning during the holiday season!

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful new year!Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Getting married next year? Shoot me a message and let’s chat about documenting your special day!

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