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Oahu Wedding Photographer | Weekly Roundup

Hawaii Weddings Photo

Good morning and Happy Monday!!

Is it just me or is the day AFTER Daylight Savings Time the worst than the actual day?!? I feel more tired today!!

This was a busy weekend for my family and me! We headed down to LA to ship my husbands car to Hawaii! Unfortunately, that’s the only location now that the military will ship cars from, so we made it an adventure! We explored San Diego for the day and went to Seaworld! We had a great time and it was nice to relax a bit before the crazy week that’s this week !! Here are some images from our trip!

Last week was an amazing walk down memory lane. Two years ago last week, my world changed! Two years ago, I stood up for the amazing #flagbaby image, and it changed not only my business but myself as well!#flagbaby Vanessa Hicks Photography

Who knew one picture would change my life 2 years ago! Proud of it then, proud of it now! Looking back on it, I would have told the scared Vanessa that everything was going to be just fine, and she was doing the right thing standing up for this image because it would get literally the whole world talking, and it would brand you to be the photographer you are today. People from all over the world would call you to tell you how this image moved them. It would definitely start a debate, but a healthy debate, not the cyberbullying and death threats that I first got. I would tell her how her daughters would continue to say how proud of their mommy they are. I would tell her she was doing good. She was creating her legacy. She should be proud!
What an amazing memory!
So many of you found me because of this image and have stood by me these past two years. Watching this dream of mine grow. I thank you always. YOU have made MY dream come true.

FYI, baby Landon is now 2! He and his amazing family just relocated due to military orders, and I am so happy that I get to watch this amazing family through Facebook grow and do good!!

If you are new here and don’t remember the story, check out the Wrapped In Freedom blog post here!

Last week’s most popular blog post goes to this gorgeous maternity session! Heidi’s maternity session was one for the books, and one of my favorites! She was just stunning! Check out the blog to see more of this session!Honolulu Maternity Photographer_ Vanessa Hicks Photography

I am now officially booking sessions for Hawaii! Do you know someone in Hawaii or that’s visiting Hawaii soon!??!? I will be doing all sessions there, including Hawaii destination weddings!That’s it for this Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful and joyful week!!




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