Favorite Floral Tub Images 2018| Floral Tub Sessions - Vanessa Hicks Photography

Favorite Floral Tub Images 2018| Floral Tub Sessions


At the beginning of 2018, I had worked on a goal list for my business!

One of those goals was I wanted to meet Pamakane, who runs Ocean Dreamer, and photograph a floral tub session!

I had seen these beautiful floral tub shoots all over Instagram, and I just loved how they screamed Hawaii to me!!

I was lucky enough to book a session with Pamakane and I modeled my own floral queen for my very first tub shoot back at the end of February.

First ever floral tub shoot! February 2018

That was 45 sessions ago!!!

What I thought would be a one and done deal, well, it certainly was not! After a few sessions in the tub, Pamakane and I collaborated and now have a special photography/tub package deal (the only one on the island!!)

I have been blessed with not only Pamakane’s friendship, but by meeting
SO. MANY. INCREDIBLE. ladies, kids, a mermaid, and one very handsome man in this tub!

These women have been vulnerable with me (it’s just me and Pamakane, you, a tub and a bathing suit!!), shared their stories with me, laughed, cried, and even drank some wine in a few of them!!!!

It’s been an amazing year in this tub (one of the images even went viral on Pinterest!), and I can’t wait to see what Pamakane and I do in 2019!!

Check out some of my favorite floral tub images of 2018 below!!

What an amazing year for these fun sessions!!! Make sure you head over to Instagram and follow Ocean Dreamer and Hibiscus Love Tub!! Want to book a session with us?!? Drop me a line and lets get this amazing shoot planned!!

Check out more of my favorite floral tub sessions on the blog:

Leslie’s Floral Tub Session

Miss Hawaii 2018 Floral Tub Session

Kyera’s Floral Tub Session

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