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Destination Wedding Photographer | 2019 Travel Dates |


So, as 2019 was approaching, I knew that 2019 was going to be my year of travel!

Ironically, we are coming up on our last full here living here in Hawaii!

Now, some of you may be wondering, if you only have a year and some change living full time in paradise, why the heck would you be leaving paradise so much?!?

And I get that!

But, a lot of what I am doing this year is preparing for the future of my business, and that means taking a step (or several airplanes ✈️) out of your comfort zone to get there!

When we officially move to San Diego, my husband will be on sea duty, which means, he will be busy and then eventually deploy. So, for me, I will be taking on less weddings in Hawaii, and not being able to travel as much as I want too.

And, that’s the amazing thing about being a destination wedding photographer, is going to all of these new and amazing places!

So, this is the time for me to expand, grow, network, learn, educate, and of course, take some beautiful images as well!!!!

While I get a little terrified looking at that list, I also get excited for the opportunities, the learning , the networking, and of course, the amazing images that will be coming my way!!
Are you in one of these areas and would love to do a shoot?!? Shoot me a message and you can get a pretty darn good discount for a session!!

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