5 More Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Big Island Wedding Photographer - Vanessa Hicks Photography

5 More Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Big Island Wedding Photographer

Aloha Hawai'i!

Another #weddingwednesday tip coming at you today!

Today, its Part 2 of the series ” Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer.

Too many times, you see horror stories of couples who were disappointed in their wedding images , quality of work, or the photographer in general, and I always wonder if and what questions that they asked them before they booked with them!

So I created these educational posts for couples as a way to guide them in finding the perfect photographer to document their special day!

I really love when inquires contact me and ask me these questions from the blog, because they read the blog!

So, check out 5 More Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book!

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer before you book

Have you Shot At My Venue

Now, you may be surprised by this one! As a military spouse, I’ve moved my business 3 times in the past 3 years! So, I post this question understanding that I may not have shot at your venue….yet! But you know what, that has not deterred my inquiries in the slightest? Why? Because, I explain to my clients that while I have not shot there, that I am comfortable in my abilities to shoot at their venue. But, I go further. I show them the research I have already done of their venue, and let them know that I will be scheduling a tour at their venue asap, to take photos, to meet the coordinator, etc. Recently, I was on the Big Island for a shoot, and I stayed an extra day to visit one of my 2018 brides venue, because I haven’t shot there yet. I sent here images of where I envisioned her couples shots, showed her how the sun set, and much more! So, yes, you should as this question, but listen to see if the photographer is comfortable in their skills and knowledge about the venue, and what they are willing to do to make sure they are ready to shoot there for your special day! Mid Pacific Country Club Golf Course Wedding

Do you specialize in Wedding Photography?

Now, I brushed over this in the first blog post, but I think it’s something that should be talked about in more detail. As I have mentioned, wedding photography is a beast of a specialization! Ask anyone who shoots weddings exclusively. Shooting a 1 hour family session vs a 8-10 hour wedding day, is very very different. Now, do I shoot other types of sessions? Yes, I do shoot families, maternity and others here in Hawaii! BUT, take a look at my website and my social media platforms. You will see by the work that I post, that I specialize in weddings and couples. There is NOTHING wrong with a photographer that shoots “everything” but, it’s up to YOU to find out their knowledge and skill in shooting weddings. Typically, at least I think so, as a creative, your skill will be the best in an area that makes you and your heart happy. For example, I don’t shoot newborns. I love babies. Hell, my viral image that put me on the map is with a newborn. But I didn’t LOVE it. And I could see that my quality of work wasn’t the best. So, because I wanted to document weddings, I focused my skill there. Learned everything I could, and still do, about wedding photography. So, if you photographer does shoot “everything”, really question their knowledge and skill as a wedding photographer.Sunset Ranch Wedding In Hawaii

What happens if you fall ill or there is an emergency on my wedding day?

Now, even typing this question up, it makes my heart race! After 3 and a half years of photographing weddings, this particular situation has yet to happen (KNOCK ON WOOD). BUT, it is up to you to ask this question, because it should be asked. You should be thinking about a plan B and C on your day! A photographer should have this in their wedding contract (if its not in there, ask for it to be added asap before you sign anything!) For me, I do have other photographers available in case an emergency happens. They will shoot under my name, represent my brand, but I will do the editing and such as well, so you will get the quality of the work that you expected. Again, this has not happened, but I have everything set up in place just in case it does. Your wedding day WILL be photographed!Black Sand Beach Wedding In Hawaii

Do you have backup equipment?

Again, KNOCK ON WOOD, this situation has not happened to me!!!! BUT, it is another important topic to discuss. There are many reasons why good quality wedding photography is expensive, one of them being our gear! But, accidents happen on wedding day. Cameral Malfunctions happen. Memory cards corrupt. These things HAPPEN! BUT, it is on the photographer to have a backup plan, because if something goes wrong on their camera or gear on your wedding day, it would be so wrong to say, “well sorry, my camera is broken, in the midst of your wedding!!” So, backup gear is a must! For me, I carry 2 camera bodies, 2 flashes, multiple memory cards, backup batteries, and lenses as well. To be honest, on a wedding day, I have about $20,000 worth of gear with me, and some of it wont get used. But, in that horrible situation that something goes wrong, I will be covered. A photographer should be carrying at least 2 camera bodies with them. **Photographers, if you don’t have a second body, you should at least be renting one for your weddings until you can get one!**Tropical Wedding on a boat Hawaii

What makes you different than other photographers?

Look, at the end of the day, as photographers, we are quite the same. Most of us have the same gear, same lenses, same editing programs, its all the same. Yet, we all produce different work. We are all different. You should know what makes your wedding photographer different than the competition. It could be how they shoot, how they edit, who they are, what they stand for, something sets them apart, and you should know what that is!Haiku Mill Wedding in Maui

Well, that’s it for today! I hope this post and the other educational topics are helping you with your wedding planning! Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any other questions!

Vanessa Hicks Photography has been named Hawaii’s #1 Wedding Photographer for 2018 by Hawaii Magazine! Also specializes in engagements, couples, family and maternity sessions! Available for travel on all Hawaiian Islands and worldwide!
  1. Audrey

    March 7th, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    These are all excellent questions, and many of them I get asked during our consultation meeting!!


    March 8th, 2018 at 3:24 am

    Great work on this blog, girl! Everyone needs to ask these questions of their photographer before hiring them!

  3. Tricia

    March 9th, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    These are spectacular! Your work is phenomenal!

  4. Ashton

    March 9th, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Such great tips to ask!

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